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[WARNING] libc6.shlib bug in libc6 2.3.1-1 (Bug#165456)


As I reported in Bug#165456, libc6 2.3.1-1.deb has wrong libc6.shlib
so package compiled with this libc6 will break dependency.

For developers, 
 PLEASE DON'T UPLOAD NEW (non-all arch) PACKAGE BUILT WITH libc6 2.3.1-1.
 It will have wrong dependency to libc6.
 Wait libc6 2.3.1-2 (or -1.1?) or downgrade before 2.3.1-1

For sid users, DON'T HOLD libc6, but upgrade others.
maybe following package was upgraded after libc6 2.3.1-1 upgraded
(according to mirror log on ftp.jp.debian.org), so
some of them may have wrong dependency. be careful.
  44bsd-rdist antlr asmail autotrace binutils-avr bison bogofilter
  bozohttpd canna centericq cl-sql cmake common-lisp-controller
  debianutils eog2 estic exuberant-ctags gcc-avr gconfmm1.3 ggz-txt-client
  gnome-applets gnome-gv gnome-media gnome-media2 gnuchess gputils
  gtetrinet gtkmm1.3 hdf5 kcdlabel libevent-perl libgda2 libglademm1.3
  libgnomecanvasmm1.3 libgnomemm1.3 libgnomeuimm1.3 lids-2.2 lids-2.4
  lunar mailutils modlogan mooix muse proftpd pstoedit python-japanese-codecs 
  r-base regina-normal rfb sendmail tcl8.0 thy tk8.0 wlex wmcoincoin
  wmfire xfree86 xmms-shell xmonobut xmorph xpa

Fumitoshi UKAI

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