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Re: Proposed solution to spam problem on Debian mailing lists (and bts)

Le ven 18/10/2002 à 09:46, Blars Blarson a écrit :

> What I propose is a sort of moderation by self-appointed committee.
> Software would pass any obvious non-spam along (signed by debian
> developer or low spamassassin score) then hold anything else for
> review.  Reviewers would log in to a web page, and messages would be
> displayed with choices of spam, non-spam, inappropriate for list, and
> undecided (give to someone else).  Messages approved enough
> randomly-selected reviewers would be approved.  Messages not
> sufficiently reviewed for a period of time (12 hours?)  would be passed
> on to the list.  Rejected messages would be sent back with an
> explanation.

This looks nice, but maybe a bit too heavy.

Why not simply send a CONFIRM request to the authors of mails that don't
pass the automatic tests (GPG signature or less than 3.0 with
spamassassin), like we already do with subscribtions ? The code is
almost already here.

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