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Some updates with the status of virus scanning in Debian.

The good news:
clamav no longer uses oav-update, the upstream author decided
to use a newer format that is better and more frequently updated.

This means that bugs #163725, #164476 can be closed.

Also bug #160126 is not relavent any longer, as the only package
which uses oav-update is scannerdaemon, and scannerdaemon can't
understand the newer format used by clamav.

The bad news:
1. The Debian maintainer of oav-update has said that he has no time to
work on making important improvements to oav-update. 

2. scannerdaemon no longer works with the latest virus signatures.
This is probably not the fault of scannerdaemon, perhaps the
fault of jikes or kaffe, but I don't have the time or understanding
of these tools in order to debug the problem.

The future:
Since there is still a virus scanner in Debian that is working,
and is probably better then scannerdaemon anyway, unless anyone
objects, I plan on orphaning scannerdaemon.

This will also make oav-update not-required, hence removing the need
to fix the problems in oav-update. 

Comments anyone?
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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