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Re: clamav/oav-update/scannerdaemon


On the contrary about my time.

I am just getting out of the period where I am so busy, and I am intending to start looking through the issues with oav-update this weekend.  I was caught in the pincers of being in the middle of a big move, a change of occupation, and the quick pace of other things happening with the file formats etc.

I will reassess the need for the package and take it from there.  It may not be needed, and it may be time that it was orphaned and left on the heap of good ideas that are not needed anymore.

I am sill very interested in getting effective email virus scanning happening for the Debian Aid Server stuff I am still planning to spend a lot of time on now.

My new job has meant that I have refreshed the packages in the Debian Router Project (http://debian-router.anathoth.gen.nz/ - but not the Web page yet), and will be making some announcements about that in a few weeks as other developers will be needed to shoulder some of the stuff.  With my new job I should be able to settle down and pay continuing attention to things without life's other necessities intervening all the time.

I will keep the list informed as I am now realising it is quite easy to take on more than one thinks.

Best Regards,

Matthew Grant

On Fri, 2002-10-18 at 13:24, Brian May wrote:

Some updates with the status of virus scanning in Debian.

The good news:
clamav no longer uses oav-update, the upstream author decided
to use a newer format that is better and more frequently updated.

This means that bugs #163725, #164476 can be closed.

Also bug #160126 is not relavent any longer, as the only package
which uses oav-update is scannerdaemon, and scannerdaemon can't
understand the newer format used by clamav.

The bad news:
1. The Debian maintainer of oav-update has said that he has no time to
work on making important improvements to oav-update. 

2. scannerdaemon no longer works with the latest virus signatures.
This is probably not the fault of scannerdaemon, perhaps the
fault of jikes or kaffe, but I don't have the time or understanding
of these tools in order to debug the problem.

The future:
Since there is still a virus scanner in Debian that is working,
and is probably better then scannerdaemon anyway, unless anyone
objects, I plan on orphaning scannerdaemon.

This will also make oav-update not-required, hence removing the need
to fix the problems in oav-update. 

Comments anyone?
Brian May <bam@debian.org>
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