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Re: [Internal projects] ZOPE: Co-operation with UNESCO (fwd)

On 16 Oct 2002, Moshe Zadka wrote:

> > this mail was send to the Zope mailing list but I think it could give some
> > ideas for Debian-Junior and Debian-Edu.  What about looking for contact
> > with UNSECO?
> Trying hard to get past my inherent loathing for UNESCO, I fail to see why
> we should "read out loud" manuals, or dedicate man-power, to someone who
> cannot use google or read documentation.
> [Or, for that matter, communicate in a readable manner]
Sorry for the confusion:  I did not try to find Debian people who advise
others to read.  My intention was to tell UNESCO people that there might
be some Open Source solutions on the horizont (Debian-Junior and
Debian-Edu) which might be helpful once they are seeking for Open Source
solutions.  Thus we might get some sponsoring ...

> > Organization) wishes to promote the use of open-source and freware
> > products/free services
> He does not seem to understand what free software means.
Which probably means that they have no idea about sponsoring :-(.

> > - is it available under GPL or what means exactly "GPL compatible"?
> The first link google gives for "GPL compatible" explains what GPL
> compatible means.
Well, unfortunately you are often faced to those people in organisations
like these ...

Kind regards and thanks for your remarks


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