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Re: simple package autobuilder

"Nathan A. Ferch" <nf+debian-devel@marginal.net> immo vero scripsit:

> i maintain a bunch of machines that run stable, but for a number of
> reasons need to run a number of packages out of testing and unstable. a
> package or two out of stable also needs to be rebuilt locally.
> is there a program or a trivial script i could write that would track a
> package, and build it automagically when a new version is uploaded?
> ideally, this would also move the newly-build packages to my apt source.

pbuilder has sometimes been used for that purpose.
It's trivial to rebuild a source and target it towards "woody".

For example, a repository that I created using pbuilder et al:

It's usually not possible to auto-build/backport a package for the
current stable, and it is advisable to manually do them.
Packages in unstable are not required to build for stable.


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