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Galeon (was: Re: Orphaning all my packages)

On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 16:09, Alex de Landgraaf wrote:
> Well, if the other maintainer can't be found, i've got the time and am willing
> to maintain galeon (would be a shame to let it go stale, imho). However, I'm
> (still) not an official maintainer so i guess i would need sponsorship (put
> myself on the sponsorship list some time ago, but my guess is that it too is a
> tad stale). 
Try emails to debian-mentors rather than the sponsorship cgi.
> If there are more experienced maintainers willing to pick it up, be my guest. If
> not, then i'm ready to help.

  I've been helping out recently trying to close some of the 150+ galeon
bugs (this is difficult due to upstream no longer working on galeon1).
I've also been pts subscribed to galeon for a few weeks and been
following the galeon-devel ml for many months. I'd like to volunteer to
help co-maintain galeon packages.

FYI, the current galeon state is that upstream are working on galeon2
(gtk+ 2 version), such that galeon1 is unlikely to have any new
releases. This means that galeon will have 150+ bugs for a few months
with no sight of them been resolved. My aims would be to get the
galeon-snapshot package working and regularly updated such that the
galeon1->galeon2 upgrade will be relatively painless. After feature
freeze of galeon2 (~1 month), I would start testing the existing bts
entries to see which are fixed so they can be closed when ready. 
One issue of great concern is the recent discussions on the galeon ml
regarding it's future - many people want a simple HIG-compliant web
browser (means removing many settings); others want a more advanced
browser, more like galeon1. I guess the coming days will give more
insight into this (I believe there is a possibility of either an
advanced mode, or a fork). 

I'm not a DD yet, but have passed the NM AM tests and am waiting for DAM
approval & account creation (since early September, hoping it won't be
too long)

| Mark Howard               cam.ac.uk   mh344@ |
| http://www.tildemh.com    tildemh.com    mh@ |

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