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Re: Python 2.2 status

> Le ven 11/10/2002 =E0 08:00, Matthias Klose a =E9crit :
> > Next Monday, I will file reports for `ftp.debian.org' to remove above
> > mentioned packages from Debian unstable. They all have filed at least
> > one serious bug report, that they are not installable in the current
> > unstable distribution.
> Over the last two days, the situation has improved, if you have a look
> at http://people.debian.org/~joss/python-list.txt :
> - two packages have FTBFS problems which seem unrelated to python
> (wxwindows2.2, plplot);
> - two packages are still awaiting in DELAYED (python-tal, forge);

I find the python-tal in rejected. at least the
python2.2-tal_1.5.0-0.1_all.deb package is not found. who tried the
NMU or will somebody else fix it?

> - one package has to go through the NEW queue (python-unit);


 This module is free software, and you may redistribute it and/or modify
 it under the same terms as Python itself
 Which are?
 Sorry but if you can't refer to a licence in base-files 
 (/usr/share/common-licenses) you must include the full text 
 in the copyright file. 

> - one package still needs to be rebuilt against some architectures
> (garchiver);
> - all the other packages have been succesfully uploaded and (for arch:
> any packages) built on all architectures.

thanks for checking ...

> wxwindows2.2 and plplot need now to be fixed ASAP, as other packages
> depend on them, so removing them from sarge may not be a good solution.

David is looking for plplot. I don't have an answer from Ron Lee, but
wxwindows2.3 is in unstable, so I will file the report to remove

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