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Re: Bug#164000: ITP: xmltoman -- simple XML to man converter

On Thu, Oct 10, 2002 at 10:10:59AM +0200, Michael Piefel wrote:
> Actually, I really like the idea of docbook. Rather, I liked it when I
> just had had a quick look at it. I'm not so sure now. My docbook files
> all look so unreadable, and it's certainly hard to write:
>     <funcsynopsis>
>     <funcprototype>
>       <funcdef>int <function>max</function></funcdef>
>       <paramdef>int <parameter>int1</parameter></paramdef>
>       <paramdef>int <parameter>int2</parameter></paramdef>
>     </funcprototype>
>     </funcsynopsis>

Actually, there is a simplified docbook DTD which is more suited to the
type of things you're doing (man pages and the like), but it is not really
meant as a gentle introduction to docbook - just an abridged DTD.  If you
are already comfortable with the tools and structure of docbook, you may
well find the simplified DTD to be exactly what you need.

> Of course, you don't have to use all this, but what's the point of
> docbook then? I admit I still prefer groff-manpages, though my knowledge
> of groff is limited.

I'm happier with docbook really since it reformats more easily.  I am not
real adept with writing either, but I can remember more docbook tags
without looking them up than I can groff tags.

.WTF ?


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