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Re: Bug#164000: ITP: xmltoman -- simple XML to man converter

itz> Sorry, but I have a strong distrust of any (sg|x)ml tool whose
itz> parser isn't based on SP.

Oliver> Well, I always thought that choice is a good thing.

Emile> What's the use of a *standard* protocol or data format if we're
Emile> going to take this attitude towards implementations?

Emile> If you start to mandate "library X", then the format is
Emile> irrelevant, and its openness too.

I know what both of you mean, and I am certainly not going to propose
"mandating" sp in any sense.  It's just that in my experience it is a
truly incredible (robust, complete, ..) piece of work, and most
alternatives I have seen severely underestimate the complexity of the
SGML spec.  And the perl culture in particular has propensity for
quick hacks that break when confronted with a valid but unusual input.

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