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Re: Bug#104885: why perl 5.8 won't be in testing for a while

On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 03:47:53PM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Read the mail from JoeyH regarding packages holding perl 5.8 from entering
> testing, and saw berkeleydb among the showstoppers.
> This bug sounds like the one I fought with this spring. I was not that
> familiar with the BTS at the time and attempted to open an email
> conversation directly with Steve. He was not very responsive, so I ended
> up working on the bug directly with the upstream author Paul Marquess
> (because I needed the package for pop-before-smtp at the time).

Sorry, I really don't remember this. (But I changed jobs around February,
and was in a bad state generally).

I think I duplicated the effort of finding the bug-- see bugs #161318 and
#161364 (which I think contains the full text of my debugging session).

> As I understood the explanations from Paul, there are tricky bugs buried
> deep down in libdb3, which are solved in libdb4. They show up only on the
> bigendian systems

Only on bigendian systems? Sparc is bigendian (I think), but this particular
bug didn't show up on that... the problem I had was with reuse of va_list
structures, which seem to be implemented quite differently on powerpc to
i386. I wrote a patch that seemed to fix db3 so that it worked fine on
voltaire, and have had no feedback since afaict.

> , so maybe a workaround could be to either depend on
> different libraries for different platforms, or split the package in
> berkeleydb-db3-perl (targeted only for littleendian systems) and
> berkeleydb-db4-perl.
> The first solution is IMHO bad, as it is then not possible to depend on
> the package and know which db is used (as is needed for pop-before-smtp
> and probably others as well).


> Having several variants of this package is A Good Thing(tm) - the reason I
> started working with it was that libdb-perl (part of the core perl source
> package) is not always in sync with e.g. postfix regarding the db version.
> Below is my last mail in the discussion - I got no response from Steve on
> that one.

Good grief, I'm sorry. :(

OK, creation of separate packages with different underlying library
dependencies seems the way to go. Or perhaps just the creation of one more
package, libberkeleydb-db4-perl?

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