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Re: Bug#104885: why perl 5.8 won't be in testing for a while

[Paul Marquess is only Bcc'ed in this mail to avoid spamming him further
with Debian-specific "noise"]

On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, Steve Haslam wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 03:47:53PM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > Read the mail from JoeyH regarding packages holding perl 5.8 from
> > entering testing, and saw berkeleydb among the showstoppers.
> >
> > This bug sounds like the one I fought with this spring. I was not that
> > familiar with the BTS at the time and attempted to open an email
> > conversation directly with Steve. He was not very responsive, so I
> > ended up working on the bug directly with the upstream author Paul
> > Marquess (because I needed the package for pop-before-smtp at the
> > time).
> Sorry, I really don't remember this. (But I changed jobs around
> February, and was in a bad state generally).
> I think I duplicated the effort of finding the bug-- see bugs #161318
> and #161364 (which I think contains the full text of my debugging
> session).

Uh - then *I* am sorry - if I had only used the BTS back then, my attempt
to get your attention would have been more persistent, and our double
effort was (maybe) avoided :-(

> > As I understood the explanations from Paul, there are tricky bugs
> > buried deep down in libdb3, which are solved in libdb4. They show up
> > only on the bigendian systems
> Only on bigendian systems? Sparc is bigendian (I think), but this
> particular bug didn't show up on that... the problem I had was with
> reuse of va_list structures, which seem to be implemented quite
> differently on powerpc to i386. I wrote a patch that seemed to fix db3
> so that it worked fine on voltaire, and have had no feedback since
> afaict.

Please discuss that with Paul - I really don't know what I am talking
about. The reason I took some of the fame of those debug sessions was that
my computer was used (I lend Paul an ssh account on my PowerPC laptop and
left it running while sleeping and going to the cinema).

> > Below is my last mail in the discussion - I got no response from Steve
> > on that one.
> Good grief, I'm sorry. :(

Could you please check up on the possible security issues as well?

> OK, creation of separate packages with different underlying library
> dependencies seems the way to go. Or perhaps just the creation of one
> more package, libberkeleydb-db4-perl?

Your choice. Renaming the old one as well (leaving it as an empty package
for easy transition) makes it IMHO more obvious that there are several
packages for the same thing.

 - Jonas

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