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Re: devfs and 2.4.19-686


>it tries to find root in /dev2/root.
hä? what exactly is the message?

afaik the 2.4.18-686 works with initrd support. your home-grouwn maybe 
doesn't. do you have a initrd=/initrd.img or similar in your lilo.conf?

the only thing that comes to my mind...


Am Mittwoch 09 Oktober 2002 19:48 schrieb Kenneth Macdonald Karlsen:
> Hi all.
> Im running testing and tried to install kernel-image-2.4.19-686 on my
> system.
> The problem is that it will not boot with that kernel. I think the
> problem is related to devfs of some kind since the kernel finds my two
> harddisks and locates them on devfs mannor. /dev/ide/host0/bus...
> It loads cramfs and finds the disks but for some reason it tries to find
> root in
> /dev2/root. I have used devfs before on my system (stable with
> 2.4.18-686 and 2.4.19 home-grown).
> I have the following settings in /etc/defaults/defsd:
> # mount point for devfs
> # mount on boot?
> MOUNT=yes
> Can this be the problem
> NB my homegrown 2.4.19 kernel works ok, but not kernel-image-2.4.19-686
> from testing.
> Hoping someone can help

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