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Re: f-cpu and Debian


This message complements the one i already sent.

Hamish Moffatt wrote:

What are you using as a development environment for your VHDL code (ie
what simulator, synthesiser, synthesis target)?

What tools could Debian provide in our OS to make it usable as a
development platform?

In order for the interested people to better understand
in what world F-CPU lives, have a read at

This is an interview done by Graham Seaman, a long-time
"Free Hardware" and "Open IP" observer and specialist.
Rudolf Usselmann is interviewed and despite i disagree
with some of his comments, he gives acurate data and
ideas about the interaction of the OpenCores efforts
with the microelectronics industry. A lot of comments
about OpenCores (a repository) can apply to the F-CPU
project (which stands on its own with its license,
its goals and its commitment to the Free Software world).

oh, btw, most people i spoke about the OR1K
(their 'open RISC' architecture) say that it is
more or less a rip off that mimics the MIPS R2000
to be interesting... I don't want to flame them
down but there is nothing really ground-breaking
in this. However, F-CPU is probably too ground-breaking
and wants to shove too many new things at once.
Keep that in mind when reading the article.

Sorry if this is off-topic (and i'm not even
subscribed to the debian-devel list...)
but happy reading anyway.


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