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Re: /etc/apt/preferences with pins for more than 2 sources

On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 21:40, Roderick Schertler wrote:
> A few months ago I posted here, and on my web page, an /etc/apt/preferences
> file which worked when using more than 1 non-Debian source, along with an
> explanation of the problems involved.  I recently tried to use it on a
> system with stable, testing, and unstable in sources.list and found that I
> hadn't well accounted for such a setup.
> I've re-worked the thing in light of that.  It's living at
> http://www.argon.org/~roderick/apt-pinning.html, and here's a "w3m
> -dump" version.  I'd greatly appreciate comments and criticisms.

This looks like something that should really go into apt-howto.  Have
you looked into that?

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