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Re: Fwd: Re: f-cpu and Debian

On Wed, 9 Oct 2002 10:40, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> > Following from previous discussions on "political" issues sparked by the
> > BitKeeper discussion I sent a message to a developer in the Freedom CPU
> > project asking what I as a Debian developer can do to assist the f-cpu
> > project.
> Hm... F-cpu seems interesting, but it's very difficult to find what has
> been done and what is current.

True, I think you need to be on the mailing lists to learn this.

> For a software engineer to start doing something useful,
> there probably needs to be a hardware platform or an emulator.
> For an average developer to be able to start doing something useful
> probably needs gcc ported..

I think that these are both work-in-progress...

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