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Re: Warning to Debian Developers regarding BitKeeper

On Monday, October 7, 2002, at 05:08 AM, Brian May wrote:

There is a practical limit of how often we can check licenses for


  If I were to use bitkeeper (which I don't), I would be responsible for
  making sure I was aware of the latest license, and complying with it.

  The latest license is available from their web site. BitMover does not
  notify me when it changes; I must check myself.

  Since I could be in violation the second it changed (no grace period),
  I must check it as often as I can. Anything less would not fulfill my
  obligations under the license.

  Therefor, I should issue GET requests for the BitKeeper license page
  as quick as my connection allows me to do so, and check if it changed
  each time. This result holds for other bitkeeper users as well.

"Well, legally, I had to perform that DoS attack... they required me to do it in their EULA..."

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