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Re: Warning to Debian Developers regarding BitKeeper

Ben Collins wrote:
> Larry has already publicly revoked my license to use bitkeeper under the
> gratis license, for no other reason than because I am a subversion
> developer. Regardless of what I was using bitkeeper for (my kernel work,
> related to linux1394).
> The license makes no distinction about what you use bitkeeper for, just
> that it you develop for a competing product, (i.e. subversion in my
> case) you cannot use it under their gratis license. You must pay the
> normal licensing fee in order to use bitkeeper.
> This in affect means that all CVS, Arch and Subversion developers are
> disallowed from using bitkeeper under the gratis license. No if's and's
> or but's. It's black and white.

I wonder if this also affects those who maintain CVS packages or NMUed
and patched it, but are not an official cvs developer.  For example,
the security team has applied patches and development to CVS.  I
wonder if our license is revoked as well.  Not that I have
any desire to use another piece of non-free software, but...



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