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Re: completely hosed OpenOffice 1.0.1

This one time, at band camp, Carl B. Constantine said:
> have a few other ttf font files that I installed. Plus, I've installed
> the ttf-larabie-* series of true type font packages from debian, which
> install themselves into /usr/share/fonts/truetype/larabie-* directories.
> I followed the instructions, but my single ttf files in
> /usr/share/fonts/truetype and the larabie packages do not get recognized
> by my system/defoma. How do I fix that so any TrueType font I have will
> be managed and seen correctly?

If those packages are not registering themselves with defoma (which I believe 
they should), you can manually register each font by using dfontmgr. It's 
rather tedious, but that's how it's done. Perhaps we can get the package 
maintainer to include a defoma hintfile.


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