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Bug#163455: ITP: gnuchess-book -- Opening book for gnuchess

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Description: Opening book for gnuchess
 This is the opening book for gnuchess. It was formerly distributed
 together with gnuchess, now it has been separated due to size and
 architecture-independence. It is recommended that you install it
 if you want to use gnuchess.

Upstream URL is ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/chess/book_1.00.pgn.gz

License is Public Domain.

The book was part of the gnuchess source until version 5.02, since
then it is also not part of the gnuchess Debian package anymore. It
used to stall the slower buildd's but along with the format of the
binary book also the algorithm of building it has changed, and it is
now several orders of magnitude faster.

Regarding the license, there was a short thread on -legal on it, and I
finally got the following from Stuart Cracraft, who put the book

  We need to keep the book. It is not acceptable that the book not be
  included with GNU Chess. GNU Chess strength based on quality of
  moves early in the game as well as building up significant time for
  middle-game computation are drastically halved in the absence of a
  solid book.

  I personally built the GNU Chess book from a large set of FREE game
  collections from the University of Pittsburgh chess server. These
  are NOT copyrighted and are PUBLIC. I also wrote the code for the
  GNU Chess book without any reference at all to any other author.

  It is GNU Chess code and PUBLIC book that is non-copyrightable.


I have contacted the maintainer of the gnuchess package several times
about adding a package for the opening book, but have received no
comments on this suggestion. In order for the book to be useful, bug
#144705 has to be addressed. I intend to NMU gnuchess if this one
(and, by the way, also #162701) is not fixed in the near future.

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