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Re: RFC: some new deb package flag: "upgrade-conflicts"


> > Debian packages are expected to be upgradeable with skipping one
> > release.

> Expected by whom?  I've never read anywhere (and certainly not in Policy)
> that skipping a release when upgrading must be supported by packages, and
> given our long release cycle I consider it folly to assume that it will
> be supported, since it's very possible for a package to change hands 3
> times over the course of two releases.

"upgradeable skipping one release" is basically what happens if you
provide upgrade paths from oldstable and stable to the current version,
which is IMO the minimum. The maximum of what should be supported is
determined by the amount of cruft in the maintainer scripts building up
by supporting upgrades from previous versions.

Even if a package changes maintainer, the new maintainer should try to
keep the package upgradeable without data loss. Comments like "potato
upgrade path. Leave until sarge" help a lot here.


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