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Re: new maintainter process [was: Re: Orphaning my packages]

On Wed, 2 Oct 2002, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:

> I think it is. I am in the NM queue since 2001-06-07. Still there,
> waiting for the DAM approval since 2002-01-01, with absolutely no clues
> about what is the actual status or who is the actual referrer.

I must have been incredibly lucky, then, because I went through NM in about
2 months (and the vast majority of that time was me getting the time to do
the things that needed to get done).  I got DAM approval in a week or so,
which I thought was pretty decent considering the whole volunteer thing.

I got my account about... 4 months ago, I think.

Matthew Palmer, Debian Developer
mpalmer@debian.org     http://www.debian.org

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