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Re: SANE packages unmaintained : intent to take over

Brian May <bam@debian.org> wrote:


>> As a last note, if you're compiling SANE by hand because of a backend
>> not included in the official SANE distribution, please mail me with
>> some details about this backend (URL, etc.). I'm thinking of a
>> libsane-extras (or whatever) package containing such backends, so
>> Debian users would be more comfortable with SANE in Debian.
> May I ask what the status is of the HP4200C drivers?

Seems it's still the same. A quick search on google returns some
success reports with the SF project you're mentioning.

> I looked yesterday, and there is a sourceforge project
> area with nothing since 2000. Also there is nothing
> I can see on the official sane websites.

The backend is listed as an external yet-to-be-included project in
alpha stage.

> I suspect the project is dead (now I wish we had purchased
> the earlier model, 4100C which does appear to be supported.)


If you've got some time to spare, you can give it a try...

This is a backend we could include in some package. Maybe someone
would be inclined to have a deeper look at it then.

I saw some features request for MDK 8.2 on Google, where someone was
asking support for this scanner. I'll see if they come up with


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