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Re: enabling/disabling daemons

Noah L. Meyerhans <noahm@debian.org> wrote:
> I perceive a problem with the way daemons are enabled and disabled in
> Debian.  In theory, /etc/rc?.d/* should be enough, right? 

Yes, if the postinst skript is smart enough and you use
invoke-rc.d instead unconditional /etc/init.d/foo start.

> I recall an announcement from several months ago about some work that
> seemed to be related to this issue, but I never read the full document.
> Does that work address this problem?  Is it going to actually be
> deployed within Debian?  What's its development status?  If anybody has
> a link to that paper handy, please send it my way.

invoke-rc.d(8) et.al. and afaics #94140 and #106971

In woody only klisa uses invoke-rc.d, I do not know the situation in
              hth, cu andreas
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