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Re: Scanner-packages unmaintained (sane, xsane)

Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> wrote:


[SANE packages unmaintained]

>> Is there anything more I can do to help improve the situation?
> You could try to mail him again; I sae a mail from him on bugs-dist
> yesterday.

For a few weeks now, I've been thinking about creating a small team to
maintain SANE. It's kind of a beast, given it supports a lot of
hardware and has issues or specificities on nearly every architecture
in Debian.

I did NMU libsane twice in a row before Woody's release because it was
holding quite a number of packages outside of testing at that
time. Since then, I periodically check the bug pages of SANE
components, and the db.d.o record of their maintainer.

A few weeks ago, the last seen entry was referring to a message posted
in bugs-dist back in april. So yes, Kevin might still be around, but
obviously he does not have the time to maintain the beast.

Kevin, if you read this mail, please speak up. Having a team of
maintainers for SANE is the best thing that can happen right
now. Having people randomly NMUing SANE is not a good thing.


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