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Re: Debian crashes Windows2000/IS 5.0

CC'ing boris, since I'm not sure if he's still subscribed to d-d.

On Fri, 20 Sep 2002, Mike Dresser wrote:
> Please, send us all a copy of this "malformed mail" so that we may
> daily email a copy to the administrators there :)

It wouldn't surprise me if it ended up being one of the strange
charset ks_c emails that seem to wander through debian-* [which I
assume are spam.]

> Seems to me that if this was really the situation, that I'd take
> measures to fix my BROKEN mail server, not harass the users.

Especially because such a crash is likely to be a buffer overflow.

Gah. Clueless admins. [Wish I could say anything good about the admins
at the .edu I find myself at now... 3K+ machines on a single 10bT
network segment using broadcast SMB...]

Don Armstrong

I never until now realized that the primary job of any emoticon is to
say "excuse me, that didn't make any sense." ;-P  -- Cory Doctorow


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