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Re: debconf w/ charset encoding support

Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote:
> I imagine Text::Iconv is not UTF-8-aware at all, because it divides
> a multibyte character (UTF-8 is multibyte; most of ISO-8859 characters
> are two bytes and east Asian characters are three bytes) into two parts.

It is as utf-8 aware as is iconv(), but it does not use the same
internal representation perl does for unicode. I think. 

> I think that usage of Encode:: module will work fine, but I have some
> questions.
> debconf-1.2.x uses libtext-iconv-perl already.  Why don't we use this?
> Encoding:: module is separated into a few sub-modules, like Encoding::JP
> and so on.  This may cause complex implementation or inability of 
> support of some encodings.

locale -m lists 196 supported encodings on my system, while:

joey@dragon:~>perl -le 'use Encode; use Encode::CN; use Encode::JP; use
Encode::KR; use Encode::TW;print join("\n", Encode->encodings())' | wc -l
The other reason I didn't use it is I am worried that there might be
problems if a translaton is converted:

  translator's encoding --------> utf-8 -------------> display encoding
                         iconv           perl Encode

see shy jo

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