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Re: dh_make debian/rules clean target

On Fri, Sep 13, 2002 at 01:15:41PM +0200, Luca - De Whiskey's - De Vitis wrote:
> There is no need of all the above:
> 	test -f /usr/share/misc/config.sub && \
>  		cp -f /usr/share/misc/config.sub config.sub

Wrong, this is a non solution because if /usr/share/misc/config.sub does
not exists 'test' command will fail and make exits (because make exits
as soon as a command return non zero).

This was a problem also in my sh-based solution, this is because I
suppose the right one is the make-based.

> BTW using sh and its conditionals let a Makefile be more portable.

Which portability problem are there with make? make is available on all
our architecture and the 'wildcard' feature is a stndard one.


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