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Re: dh_make debian/rules clean target

On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 06:11:27PM -0500, Adam Heath wrote:
> if $(wildcard /usr/share/misc/config.sub)
> 	cp -f /usr/share/misc/config.sub config.sub
> endif
> if $(wildcard /usr/share/misc/config.guess)
> 	cp -f /usr/share/misc/config.guess config.guess
> endif

Uhm ... I can't figure out how the above code can work; sh conditional
are like "if ... fi", while Makefile conditional are like "ifeq ...
My better approximations are:

  # using bash conditionals

	if ! [ -z "$(wildcard /usr/share/misc/config.sub)" ]; then	\
		cp -f /usr/share/misc/config.sub config.sub \


  # using make conditionals

  ifneq ($(wildcard /usr/share/misc/config.sub),)
    cp -f /usr/share/misc/config.sub config.sub


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