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Re: New Tasks (was: Re: Where are tasks now and how are they handled?)

> Well, I think you misapply KISS. Suppose a user really needs to
> select a language or wants to use kde? Do you really believe it's
> simpler to explain how to edit a .xsession file than to select the
> appropriate menu item? Certain things *require* a certain level of
> complexity, and simply hiding the feature doesn't make it easier to use.

Thinking of a KISS environment i think the admin should have set these
If you mean that KISS is for actual users i think they are installing
the wrong Distribution. And even then should the install process do this
for them, not the User Interface itself.
Else he could try to change the language to chinese and then no longer
find how to change it back. So KISS means imho indeed to restrict him so
he does not accidentially change the language back.
(i know that the gdm interface stays the default language; but it is
confusing for users anywhay that a language selection there doesn't
affect KDE)
Ok, maybe wdm would be a better choice than xdm...


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