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New Tasks (was: Re: Where are tasks now and how are they handled?)

#include <hallo.h>

IMO, the current combination of task packages is not very good. We have
too few tasks in the End-User section.  "desktop environment" is
unprecise and bloated, OTOH other interessting programs are not
represented by any task. We need following new tasks:

 - Desktop environment (Gnome)
 - Desktop environment (KDE)
 ## I am still not sure about splitting "desktop" to GNOME and KDE
 - K.I.S.S. X environment
 - Multimedia system
 - Base Internet client (Console)
 - Base Internet Client (X11)

With this package configurations:

Desktop environment (Gnome) [task-desktop-gnome]:
  Similar to what we had in the old task-desktop task package in Potato,
  including gdm, X11-dependency

Desktop environment (KDE) [task-desktop-kde]:
  KDE parts of the current "desktop environment" task

K.I.S.S. X environment [task-desktop-kiss]:
  Various small but popular windowmanagers: icewm-gnome, wmaker, blackbox
  Editors: jed, gvim, nedit, tkbrief, gimp1.2, wmakerconf, icepref,
  emelfm, gv, xpdf, gtk-theme-switch, gkrelm

Multimedia system [task-workstation-multimedia]:
  xmms, xmms' plugins and recomended libs (libmikmod), vorbis-tools, mpg321
  gqmpeg, xine (and all plugins), aumix-gtk, grecord, grip, gcombust,
  gqview, imagemagick, zapping, xawtv

Base Internet client (Console) [task-netclient-console]:
  w3m-ssl, telnet, ssh, lftp, yafc, wget, mutt, slrn, irsii, leafnode

Base Internet Client (X11) [task-netclient-x]:
  Mozilla (and Galeon), xchat-gnome, ksirc, gftp-gtk, pavuk, prozgui

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