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Re: New Tasks

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

>> It would be better. There are people that dont want Gnome AND kde, just
>> one of it.
>> Why not split it? Then the user can really choose if he wants a gnome
>> or kde desktop and does not have to search for crap to uninstall.
> Tasks are really aimed at users who don't know what software they
> want.

Yes, but they are useful for everyone else too.

> If you know what software you want, you can go pick it by hand, no?
> There are nice kde and gnome metapackages to facilitate that.

It is much easier for everyone just to type tasksel and after it get a
whole kde/gnome/whatever thing installed. IMO that is the real reason
for tasks, make installation of software groups easy. If not we could
live with a big list of meta packages giving the user just a list of
them. (Yes, i know that is the old way of task packages :) ).

IMO tasksel should have a really big list of tasks and never say "No"
to tasks *if* they are a.) no duplicate of existing ones and b.)
someone gives you a list of packages for the task. Makes life even for
advanced users easy. (Imagine installing a new system somewhere and
just have to select 3 or 4 tasks in tasksel to get your normal
environment, without having to remember a set of metapackages you have
to install with dselect/apt-get).
One more task could not be bad (if it is not task-warez :) ).

Just my 2¢.

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