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Re: New Tasks

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

>>  - Desktop environment (Gnome)
>>  - Desktop environment (KDE)
>>  ## I am still not sure about splitting "desktop" to GNOME and KDE
> It doubt it will happen. It contradicts one of the fundamental tenets of
> tasks. OTOH aptitude lets one select the curent desktop task and then go
> in and remove the kde or most of the gnome stuff.

It would be better. There are people that dont want Gnome AND kde, just
one of it.
Why not split it? Then the user can really choose if he wants a gnome
or kde desktop and does not have to search for crap to uninstall.

> Note that I recently added an office environment task (mostly the
> gnome-office metapackage, at least until/if openoffice gets into the
> distro).

I would prefer splitted Office Tasks too. :)

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