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Re: New Tasks (was: Re: Where are tasks now and how are they handled?)

#include <hallo.h>
* Joey Hess [Tue, Sep 10 2002, 07:42:38PM]:

> >  - K.I.S.S. X environment
> This is probably best served by the existing X Window System task +
> letting people choose their window manager, either as they could in

This was not my intention - I expect a task (meaning series of packages,
not just one wm package) where I can find some useful applications
around the WM(s).

> It could alternativly be used to replace the existing X Window System
> task with one that includes a number of common window managers and their
> associated packages, as aptitude also lets you select a task and then
> drill into it and unselect components.

Maybe an idea, but people which are keen on KDE or GNOME would not want
to install other stuff.

> >  - Multimedia system
> Isn't multimedia a standard part of a desktop environment these days?

Sure, but not part of our Desktop task. It does not cover tools for
audio processing, not even XMMS.

> >  - Base Internet client (Console)
> >  - Base Internet Client (X11)
> > Base Internet client (Console) [task-netclient-console]:
> >   w3m-ssl, telnet, ssh, lftp, yafc, wget, mutt, slrn, irsii, leafnode
> >
> > Base Internet Client (X11) [task-netclient-x]:
> >   Mozilla (and Galeon), xchat-gnome, ksirc, gftp-gtk, pavuk, prozgui
> These might just make sense as a combined task.

Why forcing all the X stuff when you do not need it?

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