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Re: RFP: pdb2dhl


On Tuesday 10 September 2002 10:02 pm, Farokh Jamalyaria said:
> pdb2dhl:  A program that converts PDB (Protein
> Databank) files of polypeptides to their dihedral
> representations. It also extracts the amino acid
> sequence.  I wrote a Perl wrapper, called pdb2epk,
> that uses pdb2dhl to create input files for ECEPPAK, a
> free bioinformatics package that's downloadable off a
> website affiliated with the National Institutes of
> Health.  Apparently, similar software is either
> non-existent, not available publicly, or hard to find.
>  ECEPPAK is a good program, but the input files are
> non-standard.  This converter makes programs like
> ECEPPAK much more useful.
> Thanks,
> Farokh Jamalyaria

I'm not a Debian Developer, but I've been looking to become one for 
quite some time. I'm a biologist with some background in bioinformatics 
and I'd like to package this while going through the new maintainer 
process. If you'd send me the webpage where I could download the 
program, if one exists, or if not then the program itself I'll send out 
an ITP and get started. Thanks!

 - David Nusinow

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