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RFP: pdb2dhl

Hello, Debian developers.  I am not a developer
myself, but in the course of a research project I
wrote the following program and I'm wondering if any
of you would be willing to consider packaging it into
Debian.  It's already been accepted by the maintainers
of ECEPPAK (I think their ANALYZE program is packaged
with Debian).

pdb2dhl:  A program that converts PDB (Protein
Databank) files of polypeptides to their dihedral
representations. It also extracts the amino acid
sequence.  I wrote a Perl wrapper, called pdb2epk,
that uses pdb2dhl to create input files for ECEPPAK, a
free bioinformatics package that's downloadable off a
website affiliated with the National Institutes of
Health.  Apparently, similar software is either
non-existent, not available publicly, or hard to find.
 ECEPPAK is a good program, but the input files are
non-standard.  This converter makes programs like
ECEPPAK much more useful.


Farokh Jamalyaria

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