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Re: Packages up for adoption.

>>>>> "Zephaniah" == Zephaniah E Hull <warp@babylon.d2dc.net> writes:
    Zephaniah> For the Voodoo3+ you still need the glide3 side of
    Zephaniah> it. (In the same source package).

    Zephaniah> You do not however need the device-3dfx-source package.

    Zephaniah> For the Voodoo 2 or XFree86 3 you need the glide2
    Zephaniah> stuff.

It's not clear above; do you need device-3dfx-source for Voodoo2?
Also, seeing as I'm looking at offering to take glide over, why is it
a Debian native package?


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