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Re: Timidity-patches eek

On Sat, Sep 07, 2002 at 07:10:24PM +0200, Roberto Gordo Saez wrote:
> I wonder how difficult will be to make a new set of patches for
> timidity... any volunteer?

The timidity patches need replacing because they're crap.  If they are
also non-free crap, they _really_ have got to go.  In ages past, I tried
to get in contact with the guy who put together the Chaos Bank soundfont,
which is still the best freely-downloadable GM sample set I've heard,
though some of the percussion could be a little stronger.

Unfrotunately, there's no license, the host site is long gone, and the
author seems to have been hit by a bus or something.  =(  Still, you might
have more luck now than I did before, and it is a really good soundfont.

I use the 12 meg version, but advise using the 8 meg font for a Debian
package, if you can find it and the author.

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