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Re: Timidity-patches eek

David Given <dg@cowlark.com> wrote:
> Looking into it, timidity-patches turns out to have been put together
> from patch files taken from the Midia patch set, distributed with the
> Midia MIDI renderer that ran on SGI workstations. Midia and its patch

Yes, i've been suspecting that, because of the FreeBSD legal file. Timidity is considered non-free by FreeBSD:


Dist                    Port                    Why
timidity-*              ports/audio/timidity    Uses copyrighted patches.

Well, the program is free (should go into contrib?).

If you are looking for collection of instruments, give a look at samplenet (samplenet.co.uk). They have an enormous collection of original, non copyrighted, public domain samples both in wav and mp3 for free download, with multiple samples for each instrument.

Unfortunately, the site is closed now, but they say that it is "for a short time while the data is reorganized".

I wonder how difficult will be to make a new set of patches for timidity... any volunteer?

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