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Re: Odd version numbering system


> The r5 at the end of the version is the Linux port specific version: 
> 0.94 beta 18 is the most current Windows version.  The problem that I 
> am running into is mostly related to the beta versioning; how should I 
> number the versions so that once 0.94 is released, the version-tracking 
> system will interpret it as more recent than 0.94 beta 18 r5?  I really 
> don't want to use a new epoch for every single new version.

There are two possible approaches:

0.94beta18r5 -> 0.94final

0.93-0.94beta18r5 -> 0.94

The first one looks nicer, the second one can also handle ...pre
versions (consider 0.94beta18r5 -> 0.94pre1 -> 0.94final -- that won't


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