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Odd version numbering system

I am considering packaging a piece of software called TIGCC for Linux, which is a Linux port of a Windows utility called TIGCC, which itself is a port of an M68000 port of GCC. Pretty much, it compiles C into machine language for the TI-89, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage 2000 calculators from Texas Instruments. The problem is due to the odd version numbering system implemented.

The current version of TIGCC for Linux is:

TIGCC 0.94 beta 18 r5

The progression of versions is:
0.94 beta 1, 2, ...
0.94 beta 18
0.94 beta 18 r1, r2, r3, r4, r5
possibly more betas, or more r#s, not yet released
0.94 (not yet released)

The r5 at the end of the version is the Linux port specific version: 0.94 beta 18 is the most current Windows version. The problem that I am running into is mostly related to the beta versioning; how should I number the versions so that once 0.94 is released, the version-tracking system will interpret it as more recent than 0.94 beta 18 r5? I really don't want to use a new epoch for every single new version.

Thank you,
David Brigada

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