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iputils-ping vs. netkit-ping

In early August, Marco d'Itri posted to debian-devel about the
possibility of getting iputils-ping made the default in Debian (along
with the OpenBSD inetd).  No real conclusions were ever reached, but
nobody gave a good reason why this shouldn't happen.  I maintain
iputils-* and would like to see this happen so we can get ping6 in the
base system and improve our standard IPv6 support.

How should iputils-ping be moved up to priority: important?  netkit-ping
would need to be moved to priority: extra (unless it can and should be
removed) and ftpmaster would need to update the overrides file.
Anything else?  I'd like to make an upload of iputils soon to address
some bugs, and can set the new priority then if it's OK... Or I can wait
if there are issues to resolve.


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