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Re: bugs.debian.org: ChangeLog closes handling should be changed

* Brian May <bam@debian.org> [2002-08-29 09:50]:
> On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 08:48:31AM +0200, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>>  What we need is a change here: Bugs should just be closed in unstable.
>> How to do this?  They should be rather be tagged <sarge> than be closed
>> by an upload to unstable.  Not unconditionally, of course.  The version
>> of the bugreport should be compared with the version currently in
>> testing.  Some sort of algorithm not too complex but able to handle most
>> of the cases shouldn't be too hard to do (yes, I volunteer to help
>> there).
> Then bugs will me marked as sarge, even though they might be bugs
> specific to unstable.

 Just to make sure you didn't miss that I thought of that problem
already, thanks.  Or do you think of that the bugs are there because of
other packages in unstable?  Well, then the bug might be filed against
the wrong package.  Which would leave us with a problem -- the version
is rather meta information in the bugreport and not real useful data, is
it?  So currently there is no need to change the version field if a bug
gets reassigned to a different package... *hmmm*  Difficult issue, but
still no issue that shouldn't be raised/thought about.

> It would be much better to remove the sid tag when it gets uploaded
> to unstable, turn off the sarge tag when it goes into testing, and
> turn of the woody tag if it is lucky enough to get into stable.

 ... and if the final tag gets removed it should be closed.  Another
approach which seems to work quite well and might even live happily with
the current situation: Bugs with no tags simply get closed for they are
not tagged for a specific distribution.  Sounds good to me.

> (of course this assumes that the tags were already set, preferably when
> the bug is first reported)

 Of course.  And of course the whole BTS depends on reasonable users,
not on spam bots closing bugs just out of curiosity ;)   So I don't
think that's a real problem.  Maintainer that care for a good history of
the bugreports against their package should do that anyway.  Others who
simply don't care shouldn't be bothered if we take the second approach
because they won't usually tag their bugreports anway.

> PS. Please look at http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting, and search
> for "X-Debbugs-CC".

 P.S.: Please look at the BTS archives for this mail, I did set
X-Debbugs-CC, just with the wrong value.  Mea culpa.

 So long!
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