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Re: woody CD not bootable with adaptec + scsi-cdrom

Andreas Metzler <ametzler@downhill.at.eu.org> writes:

> Disclaimer: Because I do not work on the debian-cd, bf or installer
> and do not follow the mailing lists regularily, I do not know much
> about this issue and there are probably lots of errors in this mail.
> Goswin Brederlow <goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:
> > I just crasht my system working on libsafe and hat to boot from CD.
> > I the discovered that the woody CD (linuxtag prerelease) doesn't
> > boot. I heard of similar for the real woody release CDs on irc.
> > Can anyone boot the CDs, which one of the set and what hardware?
> > Same if you can't boot.
> Hello,
> Lots of people can, the official CD-image _were_ tested. - I think the
> linuxtag prerelease CD is similar to the official CD1.
> I can boot from CD1, on a PentiumMMX-class machine (SiS 5591/5), an
> iirc 1 year old Athlon 800 (VIA 133) and a 2 month old Duron1200
> (VIA 266A).

Who cares about your cpu?
What cdrom? ide or scsi? What controler?

> > Also whats different between potato and woody?
> potato used floppy-emulation, woody _CD1_ uses isolinux(??).

That explains the difference in output. The floppy emulation shows up
when the adaptec detects the bootable cdrom. Or is that unrelated?

> > potato has this multiboot thing and woody not anymore, right? What
> > was wrong with it?  Seems to be more compatible the old way.
> It is not, search the Debian-CD mailing-list.
> IIRC: Basically Microsoft switched the CD-boot method they used for
> their OS CDs, the BIOS manufacturers followed suit and dropped support
> for or did not fix bugs in the old method and added support for the
> "new" method. For maximum compatibility with old computers you need
> floppy-emulation, for new computers you need the new method. BTW
> RedHat et al. don't use floppy-emulation, too.
> If your computer cannot boot woody CD1 try CD2-CD7 - they use
> floppy-emulation and should work on old computers.

Good to know. Is that in the install docs somewhere?


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