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Re: woody CD not bootable with adaptec + scsi-cdrom

Disclaimer: Because I do not work on the debian-cd, bf or installer
and do not follow the mailing lists regularily, I do not know much
about this issue and there are probably lots of errors in this mail.

Goswin Brederlow <goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:
> I just crasht my system working on libsafe and hat to boot from CD.

> I the discovered that the woody CD (linuxtag prerelease) doesn't
> boot. I heard of similar for the real woody release CDs on irc.

> Can anyone boot the CDs, which one of the set and what hardware?
> Same if you can't boot.

Lots of people can, the official CD-image _were_ tested. - I think the
linuxtag prerelease CD is similar to the official CD1.

I can boot from CD1, on a PentiumMMX-class machine (SiS 5591/5), an
iirc 1 year old Athlon 800 (VIA 133) and a 2 month old Duron1200
(VIA 266A).

> Also whats different between potato and woody?

potato used floppy-emulation, woody _CD1_ uses isolinux(??).

> potato has this multiboot thing and woody not anymore, right? What
> was wrong with it?  Seems to be more compatible the old way.

It is not, search the Debian-CD mailing-list.

IIRC: Basically Microsoft switched the CD-boot method they used for
their OS CDs, the BIOS manufacturers followed suit and dropped support
for or did not fix bugs in the old method and added support for the
"new" method. For maximum compatibility with old computers you need
floppy-emulation, for new computers you need the new method. BTW
RedHat et al. don't use floppy-emulation, too.

If your computer cannot boot woody CD1 try CD2-CD7 - they use
floppy-emulation and should work on old computers.
               cu andreas
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