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Re: Non-Intel package uploads by maintainer

John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:

> On Sun, Sep 01, 2002 at 09:51:32PM +0200, Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> > Imagine for eample the case where the sources are missing files, as
> > happens too often. Then the binary is in violation of the GPL.
> > 
> > Not good. So why not let the autobuilder do their job for all archs.
> Because then there's no opportunity to test what was built prior to
> uploading it to the archive.  If you do a standard upload, you'll at least
> have the opportunity to test the actual .debs produced on one architecture.
> -- John

You should do that anyway. Testing and uploading should be seperate


PS: you should also test the result of the autobuilder.

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