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Re: Non-Intel package uploads by maintainer

goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de (Goswin Brederlow) writes:

> PS: you should also test the result of the autobuilder.

Ok, I've stopped laughing/crying now.  I wish this were truly possible.

People maintaining autobuilders see logs from *every* package uploaded to 
Debian... that's a lot of packages per day.  No way anyone could independently
test each of the successful builds before upload and stay sane.

People maintaining packages rarely have access to all 11 different 
architectures we currently support.

The reality is that everyone should do the best testing they can, but for 
many of our binary packages we must depend on users who run 'unstable' to, in
effect, perform the QA on our behalf.  The fact that Debian makes everything 
we build available for download and use from "unstable" instantly makes this 
not only practical, but exactly the way we expect things to get tested...


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