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[Mark.Martinec@ijs.si: Re: perl 5.8 breaks amavis]

I don't have an unstable system handy...

So can anybody tell if if perl 5.8 has Unix::Syslog?

Do I need to add an extra depends or something to amavis?
Brian May <bam@debian.org>
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| CCed to Mark, the author.
Thanks Brian.

| > I discovered the hard way that perl 5.8 breaks amavis.. amavis uses
| > UNIX::Syslog but it seems to have been renamed Sys:Syslog in 5.8.
| This could be a problem, unless it is possible to make the same
| code work under perl 5.6 too...
| (I don't particularly want to upgrade all my machines to Debian unstable
| just yet...)
| Then again, there appears to be a Sys::Syslog in perl 5.6.1, so
| maybe this won't be so much a problem after all.

These are two similar but quite different Perl modules to implement
access to syslog, and they are not compatible.

amavisd (all branches) use Unix::Syslog, not Sys::Syslog
(check man pages for both modules to see the rationale).
I have both modules in my perl 5.6.1, as well as in my Perl 5.8.0.
Just straight install from CPAN I believe.

| > Thus my mail has been bouncing for the last 8 hours. Ouch.
| Ouch. I have had mail queued when there is a problem, never been
| unlucky enough to have had it bounce though...

The Perl 5.8.0 installation here was done by somebody else,
so I do not know if he had problems installing Unix::Syslog.
When the machine was handed to me it was able to run the same
amavisd-new as my 5.6.1, no tweaking needed.

My guess is you just need to install Unix::Syslog.


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