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Re: [ANNOUNCE] Debian Developer Packages Overview

Le Wed, Aug 28, 2002 at 09:25:42AM +0200, Michael Piefel écrivait:
> I don't quite understand these colours right now. What does
> "Packages in blue" refer to? The link colour? And I don't see many

Packages in blue are packages where you're listed as co-maintainers (cf
the Uplpoaders field in the control file).

> "Packages version in red" either, even when I'm sure it's an NMU.

I guess it detects the NMU with a regexp in the version number. What's
the version number in question that is badly detected ?

> > - On a 1280 pixel wide display, I can only see half of a line of the
> >   table at a time.

Same problem here, the table is getting too large. I wish we could use a
extended/simple. The extended view would show the less useful columns
(uninstallable reports, debcheck links, ...)

> But that's your own fault: You maintain too many packages!

Repeating the header every 15 packages looks reasonable. :)

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