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Re: How to get rid of non-free packers?

On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 12:50:58PM +0900, GOTO Masanori wrote:
> At Mon, 26 Aug 2002 00:23:30 -0700, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > It looks like Arai-san jca02266@nifty.ns.jp seems to be most active.
> > http://ns103.net/~arai is his URL
> > 
> > He has new autoconf version. 
> > 
> > It looks to me people are treating almost like public domain as long as
> > New sources are available to general public.

Here I meant "most Japanese non-commercial entity" by "people".  Debian
can not treat it as PD with current license for sure.

> It's worth considering to include/replace with his patch.
> It includes some more features. My little concern is he does not
> state any copyright issues clearly. I try to contact to him.

My understanding is what ever Arai-san did is copyright of him.  Let's
try to let him license his portion with BSD without AD clause (i.e.
MIT-X) license.  

Problem is original software writers who wrote core parts have to agree
to a new DSFG compliant license.  Otherwise this will not go into MAIN.
I think most of them will agree either GPL or X for their part of
contribution if we contact them properly.  Here is my research result
for the original copyright holders.

Upstream authors, maintainers:
 LHarc 0.01-1.00:   Yooichi Tagawa (LHa code taken from here, 1988-1989)
     Nikkei-mix ID: y.tagawa (Now this is defunct BBS, Licensing term
     in manual page come from his licence for lharc)
     His new web page seems to be www2s.biglibe.ne.jp/~yex/
     yooedit2001@yahoo.co.jp is the contact e-mail address for another
     software.  Page updated at least July/2001
 LHa   0.01-1.00:   Masaru Oki     (LHa original author, 1991-1992)
     Suse.com list e-mail: oki@wbg.telcom.oki.co.jp

 LHa   1.10-1.14:   Nobutaka Watazaki (Last official release? 1993-1995)
     No e-mail available (Any idea?)
 Lha   1.14a-1.14e: Tsugio Okamoto <tsugio@muc.biglobe.ne.jp> (1996-2000)

 LHa   1.15         Recent one on NET

 LHA autoconf version:  Arai-san        <jca02266@nifty.ns.jp>    (2002)

All these people has some claim on copyright statement on source files.
lharc.c provides a good summary.  (Please use that for README.Debian)

Problem is there is no e-mail available for the first 3 primary authors.
They are asking to be contacted by e-mail but there is no mention.

Anyway, getting license corrected for old softwares is very difficult.

Note: By the way, patch with name mentioned are: 
  ishikawa@gaia.cow.melco.CO.JP (rename.c -> utils.c)
  Takayuki Honma (time related stuff, lhadd.c)
  Kurashima@University of Tokyo (EUC)
  Youchan@nikkei-mix (Minix patch)
These people's names except ishikawa do not exist in current source,
also lhadd.c which seems to be affected are marked as "source all
changed" by Watazaki. I would call them trivial contribution and do not
thin critical for copyright issue. Also in Makefile, there is mention on
# for OSK
# V1.08                                 1990.10.09  Sakura Tomozou
# V2.00 + lzhuf4/5                      1990.10.26
but this is porting only and should not concern Debian.

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